Chapter 2

CS103 HTML - HyperText Markup Language

This chapter will discuss HyperText Markup Language. HTML is the most basic programming language used on the Internet. You will learn how to use HTML and most of it's properties.

Concurrently, you will be exploring some of the social implications of computer use. As you saw in previous chapters, computers are pervasive in our personal and business activities. Because of this, there is opportunity to do great good and inflict great harm on our social institutions. We will be encouraging you to think about some of these implications.

Lesson 1 - Introduction to HTML 

Lesson 2 - HTML basics

Lesson 3 - Links

Lesson 4 - Tags, Attributes, & Comments

Lesson 5 - Images & Image Maps

Lesson 6 - Tables


  1. To describe the basic functionality of HTML.
  2. To gain an understanding of absolute vs. relative links, the placement of images in webpages, and how to make image maps.
  3. To learn about some of the tags used in HTML.
  4. To gain an understanding of how useful comments are in code.
  5. To learn about tag attributes and how to properly set up a table in HTML.
  6. To be able to list several positive and negative impacts of computers and the Internet on society.
  7. To compare websites with similar information and list ways that information is presented differently.