The End Game

For the final project you will implement your own game. This is worth the same number of points as the breakout game (200).


Your game must have the following features:



A written description of your game. This can include images/drawings of what you plan to do. You should describe how you plan to fit in the requirements. Include a list of features you wish to incorporate and a description of how the user will interact with the program.

Phase 1:

A running program that displays the game environment and contains basic user interaction and camera movement.

Phase 2:

A running program that additionally has objects in the game interacting with each other.

Complete Game:

Submit your source code and resources. Include a README file with instructions and a final feature set.


You will have about 5 minutes to present your game. I will have the game available on our workstations so the class can play as well. This does not need to be a formal presentation. Be prepared to ask and answer questions.

Due Dates

Phases of the game will be due on Wednesdays There are three in class requirements. You will receive no credit for checks you miss without notification. If you know you are going to miss a day, show me your project before hand.


Component Points
Specification/Class discussion 15
Phase 1 check (in class) 15
Phase 2 check (in class) 15
Game Requirements 80
Creativity/Functionality 60
Final Presentation 15