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The Iconoweb is the home of The Iconolog. It is built upon & devoted to the preservation of the icon. In keeping with the spirit of this realm, wherever possible, icons have been used as they were originally intended, to decorate the spot to be clicked. A lot of these pages contain icon mosaics, for the mosaic to appear correctly the web & strand above should appear as a single line. This logo indicates web travel is available.

The Pavilion of Icons, perched high on clifftop overlooking crater lake houses the icon exhibitions. The main collection is accessed through the screen in the foyer. Special exhibitions either from The Iconolog or special Iconographers, can be found in the Icon Hall.

From the pavilion, take the lift to The Iconocaves that honeycomb the cliffs to visit the Dwarven Cavern, home of the S. Ironheart, chief dwarven engineer for the Iconoweb. For a most unusual view across the Realms of the Great Web, be sure to visit the balcony before you stroll the Ascii Gardens. The garden paths will lead to you to the Great Web road or the clifftop walk, from there it is a short walk to the other realms. If you would like to know more about the realms, the information centre can help.

The Iconolog : The art of virtual litter

The Iconolog is a collection of 32 by 32 pixel icons. It comprises 2 main sections. {versions}

2007 The Iconolog has been updated, maintenance was overdue & I apologise to anyone inconvenienced in the interim.
The Iconolog was originally housed on iconolog.net, it is no longer connected in any way to this domain, or almost any way, the domain is still using, without permission, The Iconolog favicon

.ico The Iconolog v1.0 the original .ico collection of 22,963 images using the windows 16 color palette.

.gif The Iconolog v3.4 the best of the iconolog & the ongoing collection in gif format, now 7420 images.

Thank you, all iconographers.

The original icons were collected wherever I found them, few icons were credited. Any information regarding sources would be appreciated, & please, if an icon belongs to you advise me, so that I may add credits or remove the image in accordance with your wishes.

Did I file it where you would never have found it? Please Ask.
Queries? comments? recommendations? additions? email me

& if i don't hear from you, thanks for calling.

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