CS 107 - Introduction to Scientific Computation
Homework #1

Due: Wednesday 9/4 at the beginning of class

NOTE: For each assignment, you should submit not only the requested program files, but also a simple text file called READMEREADME files are often used by programmers to comment on the contents of a directory or give vital information.  Please make sure this plain text file is named "README", not "README.txt", "readme", "ReadMe.txt", "Read me.doc", etc.  For each assignment, your README file will contain:

1. Telephone Lookup: Exercise 1.2. Express your algorithm in the tabular style of  p. 10-11.

2. Second Smallest: Exercise 1.5. Also, follow your algorithm for the following list of numbers: 2 4 3 1 5.  Express your algorithm and its execution in the tabular styles of  p. 10-11. Note: Use of another algorithm defined in the text is permitted.

3. Prefix and Infix Expressions: Exercises 2.3 and 2.4.  In a file expressions.m, replace each "0" with your answer to these exercises.  In file expressionsTest.m, assign a, b, c, d, f and g to various integer values to test correctness of your code.