Homework #12
CS 107 - Introduction to Scientific Computation
Homework #12

Due: Tuesday 11/26  

0. Preparatory Reading: You will benefit from reviewing the portions of Java we've covered in the CS 111 Java Summary.

1. Greetings:  Create a Java program Greetings.java that prompts the user with "Your name? " to input their name, and prints "Hello, <name>!", where "<name>" is replaced by their input name.

Example Transcript (input underlined):

Your name? Dolly
Hello, Dolly!

2. Division:  Create a program Division.java that prompts the user to enter two integers (as shown below).  The two integers a and b are then used to compute both the floating point and integer division results as follows.

Example Transcript (input underlined):

Please enter integer a: 9
Please enter integer b: 4
Floating point division: a/b = 2.250000
Integer division: a/b = 2 remainder 1

3. Circle: Define a class Circle (in Circle.java) with

4. Circle Test:  Create a Java program CircleTest.java that prompts the user to input a double radius, constructs a Circle object from the previous exercise, and prints the double diameter, circumference, and area as shown below. 

Note: You can calculate the square of radius by using either radius * radius or Math.pow(radius, 2).

Example Transcript (input underlined):

Radius? 10
     diameter = 20.000000
circumference = 62.831853
         area = 314.159265