Homework #4
CS 107 - Introduction to Scientific Computation
Homework #4

Due: Wednesday 9/25 at the beginning of class
Submit from your .m file directory using the command:
submit107 hw4

1. Power Sum: Exercise 6.1.  Name your function powersum.

2. Rectangular/Polar Coordinate Conversion:  Exercise 6.11.  Relative error is the absolute error of the value approximation divided by the magnitude of the value.  Name your functions polarToRect, rectToPolar, and testPolarToRect.

3. Quadratic Roots: Exercise 7.10. Extra Hint: There is a way to do this without computing the entire quadratic formula.  Name your function quadRootType.

4. Maximizing by Case: Exercise 7.2.  Call your function max4.  Do not use Matlab's max function in your implementation.