CS 111- Introduction to Computer Science
Homework #13

Due: Friday 4/28 at the beginning of class

Hex (Part 1)

0. Learn the game of Hex:

1. Implement HexState: Implement a class HexState.java according to this specification.  This will likely be your most significant and challenging homework assignment of the semester, so start early.  Note:

2. Test HexState: Test your HexState class using the provided Hex.java Graphical User Interface (GUI).  Usage: "java Hex".  Single-click onto an empty hex grid cell to play a piece in that spot.  Press "u" to undo a move.  You can also use the "Game" menu to undo a move, restart a game, start a game with a different size board, or go to a website where people play Hex online.  Note that playing with this GUI prints a transcript of play to the standard output that will be useful for testing your text-based HexGame.java in the next homework assignment.