CS 112 - Introduction to Computer Science II
Interactive Fiction

Design Project: Interactive Fiction

In this project, you will design a simplified interactive fiction system.

What is Interactive Fiction?

Interactive fiction (formerly known as text adventures; similar to multi-user dungeons/domains (MUDs)) is a form of entertainment in which a user interacts with and learns about virtual world, usually to achieve a goal.  We will restrict our attention to the genre formerly known as text adventures where all interaction with the world is through a text-based interface.  Browse the following links for a quick introduction to the world of interactive fiction:


Your interactive fiction system will feature at least six (eventually) reachable locations, two obstacles (objects which prevent some action, including movement), two items which, when used with the obstacles (or other objects), will allow the player to overcome the obstacles, a goal (explicit or implicit), and an indication when that goal has been reached.  Your interactive fiction system should behave similar to the ones featured above, in that: