CS 216 - Data Structures
Homework #1

Due: Monday 1/28 at the beginning of class

NOTE: This work is to be done in groups formed in class by Wednesday 1/23.

Poker Squares Challenge Introduction

0. Learn the rules of Poker Squares and play several games.  Download the code for our Spring 2013 Poker Squares programming competition.

1. Create and submit your own PokerSquaresPlayer, which should:

Please create a unique name for your player (e.g. one that makes use of team usernames, such as TnellerPokerSquaresPlayer1.java).

Note: If you are having difficulty scoring 80 or higher on average, meet with me to discuss strategies.  I have a very simple 15-line implementation of getPlay() that achieves an average of 81.

2. In your "README" plain text file, write 2-3 paragraphs explaining your player design decisions, and describing ways in which you expect the player may be improved.   This exercise will plant seeds for the mid-semester competition to come.