CS 371
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Note: This syllabus is tentative and subject to change.  More topics may be covered.  You are responsible for all material covered in lecture and assigned in readings.  Unless otherwise stated, readings are from Russell & Norvig, "Artificial Intelligence: a modern approach".
Date Topics Readings
Tu 8/29 Introduction,  "What is AI?", agents, agent architectures, and environments Ch. 1,2, Deep Blue article
Th 8/31 Search I: search problem formulation, uninformed search, breadth-first search, depth-first search, iterative deepening Ch. 3, David's TripleCross Page
Tu 9/5 Search II: informed search, heuristic functions, best-first search, A* Ch. 4 (skip SMA*)
Th 9/7 Search III: informed search, IDA*, iterative improvement, hill-climbing, simulated annealing (SA), genetic algorithms
Tu 9/12 Search IV: constraint satisfaction, problem formulations, examples Kumar CSP Survey (p.1-6), Dechter Constraint Networks (sections 1-2), Numerical Recipes in C SA excerpts (photocopy)
Th 9/14 Search V: constraint satisfaction (cont.), overview of techniques
Tu 9/19 KR&R I: propositional logic, definitions/terminology, 3SAT as backtracking search, Davis-Putnam procedure Ch. 6
Th 9/21 KR&R II: 3SAT as stochastic, local optimization, GSAT, WALKSAT Selman, Kautz, and Cohen Local Search Paper
Tu 9/26 KR&R III: computational complexity and phase transitions Mitchell, Selman, and Levesque Hard/Easy SAT Problem Paper
Th 9/28 KR&R IV: first-order logic Ch. 7
Tu 10/3 KR&R V: first-order logic theorem proving Ch. 9
Th 10/5 Planning I Ch. 11
Th 10/12 Planning II Ch. 12
Tu 10/17 Planning III
Th 10/19 Uncertainty I Ch. 14
Tu 10/24 Uncertainty II Ch. 15
Th 10/26 Uncertainty III
Tu 10/31 Learning I Ch. 18
Th 11/2 Learning II Ch. 19
Tu 11/7 Learning III Ch. 20
Th 11/9 Learning IV
Tu 11/14 Robotics I Ch. 25
Th 11/16 Robotics II
Tu 11/21 Vision I Ch. 24
Tu 11/28 Vision II
Th 11/30 Natural Language Processing Ch. 22
Tu 12/5 Philosophical Foundations Ch. 26
Th 12/7 AI: Present and Future Ch. 27

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