CS 371 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Homework #6

Due: All parts due at the beginning of class on Thursday 4/13.
Note: Work is to be done in pairs. 

Propositional Logic

The primary project documentation is here: Clue Deduction: an introduction to satisfiability reasoning

0. Reading: Follow the reading schedule of the syllabus.  For submission, you will be submitting both the standard given SATSolver.java that makes use of zchaff on our system, and the modified extension SAT4JSolver.java that uses faster SAT4J Java library installed on our system.  Here are instructions for the transition.

1. Logic Problems: implement SATExerciseSolver by adding the CNF clauses of section 7 exercises 2 and 5 to the places commented with "TODO".

2. Clue Reasoner: Complete the implementation of ClueReasoner.java as specified in section 8 of the reading.

Todd Neller