CS 371 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Homework #9

Due: Last day of class
Note: Work is to be done in pairs.

Mobile Robotics Monte Carlo Localization Challenge

In the summer of 2016, Zuozhi (George) Yang '17 further developed a Neato Vacuum Robot Monte Carlo Localization project by Paul Ruvalo.  Our CS 371 Mobile Robotics Monte Carlo Localization Challenge is to further improve upon the ability of our robot to:

In addition to making improvements, it is our goal to document our improvements, data, experimental methods, observations, reasoning, and conclusions with such thoroughness and clarity as to empower future generations of students to extend improvements beyond our best performance.

To this end, each group will (1) select at least one area of focus, e.g.

Details, code, and supporting documentation have been supplied by George and will appear here in the future.


  1. (75%) A zip file containing web-browsable documentation of:
  2. (25%) An informal presentation summarizing your findings, demonstrating improvements (if any), and noting the most significant thing you learned and would pass along to another team performing the same work.