CS 111 - Introduction to Computer Science
Homework Submission Instructions

Electronic Homework Submission

All programming work for this course should be submitted electronically using the submit command.

The submit command assumes that all work for a homework assignment is stored in its own directory.  You might, for instance create a directory "cs111" and then create subdirectories "hw1", "hw2", etc.

To use this command, cd (change directory) to your work directory.  After entering "ls", you should be able to see the parts necessary for submission:

  1. README - a plain text file README (just README - not README.txt) with (1) the honor code statement, (2) your name and (3) student ID number (which serve as your electronic signature), and (4) a description of the .java files in your work directory (what programmers conventionally put in a README file).
  2. _____.java - Java source file(s) for the assignment
  3. (For assignments with Java applets, you will also need to submit *.html files.)
Now enter the command "submit cs### hw#" where cs### is your course and hw# is the assignment.  For example, to submit the first homework assignment for CS 111, you would enter "submit cs111 hw1".  Then follow the instructions.  If you submit your work twice, the old copy is eliminated and no record is kept.  The latest time of submission is recorded for grading purposes.

If you have any problems with this script please contact Professor Neller as soon as possible with an e-mail description of the problem and a copy of the error message.