CS 391 Selected Topics: Game AI
Homework #3

Due the beginning of class on Thursday 2/11.

Note: This work is to be done in groups of 2.  Each group will submit one assignment.  Although you may divide the work, both team members should be able to present/describe their partner's work upon request. 

FreeCell Solver

Using your FreeCellNode from Homework #2 (or another's FreeCellNode implementation if you wish), implement a FreeCell solver program that takes the game seed as a command line parameter (i.e. args[0] in the main method), and prints the solution following the notation of the FreeCell solutions site, or "No solution found." if the search is unsuccessful.  You should report the fraction of game seeds from 1-100 that you are able to solve in 1 minute each or less, and be prepared to demonstrate your work.