Paper Pen-guins


Paper Pen-guins is my pencil-/pen-and-paper adaptation of the game Pingvinas, a.k.a. “Hey! That’s My Fish!”  by Alvydas Jakeliunas and Günter Cornett.


The board is an 8x8 square grid.  (Graph paper is recommended.)  Each grid cell contains a number indicating point value.  Eleven cells have 3 points, Twenty-one cells have 2 points, and the remaining thirty-two cells have 1 point.  (These points may be placed by random process, or players may take turns, first placing eleven 3’s, then twenty-one 2’s, and finally filling remaining 1’s.)

A player-1/player-2 piece is represented as a square/circle surrounding a cell’s point value.  (Although not required, players may find use of different colored pens helpful.)  Players take turns placing pieces until each player has four pieces on the board.  Players then take turns making moves until one player has no legal move, or both players agree on the game’s final outcome.  Players then tally points that would be scored in remaining legal moves.

For a legal move:


Todd Neller,
October 21st, 2009