Peg Squirrelitaire

The origins of peg solitaire are ancient and shrouded in mystery.  Puzzles involving jump removals span many cultures and generations.  The particular 37-hole peg solitaire "French board" below was known from a late 17th century engraving [1] and is still well-known today.  Beyond the classic challenge with the center peg omitted, you may also try challenges collected in [2] as well as "G"-themed original creations by the author.

Instructions: By clicking on a squirrel, dragging it horizontally or vertically two spaces to an empty position, the squirrel jumped over is removed.  The object is to reduce the number of squirrels to one.

For further reading:

[1] Beasley, John D.  The ins and outs of peg solitaire.  Oxford [Oxfordshire] ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1985.

[2] Van Delft, Pieter and Botermans, Jack. Creative Puzzles of the World.  Key Curriculum Press, Emeryville, CA, Reprint edition, June 1993.

2003 Todd Neller