CVS Homework Submission

Normal Submission

  1. Change to the directory in which you did your work. This should be within the directory structure you set up in the beginning of the semester. You should always include a file called README that contains your name, the assignment numberand the Honor Code.
  2. Run cvssubmit for the files from this assignment
         cvssubmit file1 file2 file3 file4...
    Where file1 etc are the names of the files you wish to submit.

    For example:

         cvssubmit *.java README
    will submit all the java files in the current directory and a file called README.

You can also submit directories, which for now is a two step process. First, submit the directory as you would any other file, then go into the directory and submit the files. This is a workaround as cvssubmit was not originally written with this in mind. Feel free to blame the programmer for his poor planning.

For example, to submit a README and all of the java files in a directory called myFiles, do the following:

     cvssubmit README myFiles
     cd myFiles
     cvssubmit *.java

Once your files are submitted, your programs are saved in a repository. You can submit more than once and each new submission of the same files will be marked as a new version of that file. Unless otherwise noted, your instructor will grade the most recent versions of each file.

Beginning of the semester (to do only once for each course)

  1. At the beginning of the semester you should set up your submission directory structure.
  2. Run cvssetup
         cvssetup csXXX location
    where csXXX is the designation of the course you are taking, and location is the directory where you would like your submissions hierachy to reside.

    For example, suppose I'm taking cs111 and I want to set up a directory called, "intro"

         cvssetup cs111 intro

    A directory would be created (if it didn't alread exist) called intro (in the current directory). It would contain a number of subdirectories (one for each assignment/project/lab/test etc.). It would be laid out as follows (directory names are shown in bold).

    You will save the files from each assignment in the appropriate directory.

Information for faculty and graders.
PC Scripts Essentailly the unix scripts with some environment variables changed for using ssh to connect remotely to the cvs repository.
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