CS 341 - Survey of Programming Languages
Homework #2

Due: Tuesday 9/5 at the beginning of class #3

Note: This work is to be done in pairs.  Each group will submit one assignment.  Although you may divide the work, both team members should be able to present/describe their partner's work upon request. 

NOTE: For each assignment, you should submit not only the requested program files, but also a simple text file called READMEREADME files are often used by programmers to comment on the contents of a directory or give vital information.  Please make sure this plain text file is named "README", not "README.txt", "readme", "ReadMe.txt", "Read me.doc", etc.  For each assignment, your README file will contain:

To submit work on our systems, change into the directory where your hw2.scm resides and enter the shell command "submit341 hw2".  This assignment will be manually graded and there will be no immediate feedback.

Read the tutorial up through "Pairs and Lists", and complete the following companion exercises in the commented sections of file hw2.scm:

REPL Exercises 3-4
Operators and Operands Exercises 2-4
Identifiers, Whitespace, and Comments Exercise 3
Fundamental Types Exercises 1-3, 6-7
Pairs and Lists Exercises 3-6