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clone() - Method in class RookJumpingMaze
clone() - Method in interface State


energy() - Method in class RookJumpingMaze
energy() - Method in interface State


generate(int) - Static method in class RJMGenerator
Generate a RookJumpingMaze of the given size and optimize it using a stochastic local search algorithm of your choice, limited to a maximum of 5000 iterations.
getJump(int, int) - Method in class RookJumpingMaze
Return the jump number for the given row and column.
getSize() - Method in class RookJumpingMaze
Return the size of the square maze grid.


main(String[]) - Static method in class RJMGenerator
Generate a size 5 RookJumpingMaze object, print the RookJumpingMaze object, and print the energy of the RookJumpingMaze object.


RJMGenerator - Class in <Unnamed>
RJMGenerator() - Constructor for class RJMGenerator
RookJumpingMaze - Class in <Unnamed>
RookJumpingMaze - a model of a Rook Jumping Maze suited for stochastic local optimization.
RookJumpingMaze(int) - Constructor for class RookJumpingMaze
Construct a RookJumpingMaze that is a size-by-size grid with random, legal jump numbers for each position.


State - Interface in <Unnamed> - a simple search state interface for stochastic local search.
step() - Method in class RookJumpingMaze
step() - Method in interface State


toString() - Method in class RookJumpingMaze


undo() - Method in class RookJumpingMaze
undo() - Method in interface State
UNREACHED - Static variable in class RookJumpingMaze
low-value integer constant indicating that a grid position cannot be reached by search.
C E G M R S T U 
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