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So why gif an icon?
Primarily because unlike the humble .ico or .xpm you can take a gif almost anywhere.

The gif collection began as the web display section for The Iconolog, a collection of 22,963 windows icons. Over 2000 icons were selected to form the basis of the collection in gif format. The collection has since been extended to include icons from a number of sources, including the best of the 32x32 images from Aicons V2.0 originally in .xpm format.

The purpose of the collection is to provide a ongoing historical archive of 32x32 icons in a form that is accessible on all platforms. The major criteria for addition to the collection are that the icon portrays something not already present or that it is the work of an iconographer not yet represented. The current gif collection contains 7419 icons.

The original icons were collected wherever I found them, few icons were credited. Any information regarding sources would be appreciated, & please, if an icon belongs to you, advise me so that I may add credits or remove the image in accordance with your wishes.

The Iconolog is divided into major subject categories & then by subject into the display sections. Indexes are alphabetic by category then subject.

Did I file it where you would never have found it? Please ask. Queries? Comments? Recommendations? Additions? email me. By the way, these pages contain lots of images.

Display & Download Indexes
Index the archives & online display pages by category or subject
Download the complete collection or the category/subject that interests you & use the html contained therein to browse offline.
Graphic Category Index
Display using an example icon from each subject category of The Iconolog. Each icon links to the display page for that category creating a graphic index to online display. The page gives some indication of the range/sources of the collection & the method of display.
Online Display {framed}
Display updated 26 December 2003
Browse the collection online.
Frames only, others use one the indexes above to view gifs online.
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