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Color Palette

GIFs added to the collection are standardized to The Iconolog color palette. This palette was developed from the existing collection & is expanded as required, it currently contains 165 colors plus a Transparency Color. {RGB values}
Current Palette

[ The Iconolog .gif palette ]

  added to The Iconolog palette : 29 December, 2000

  added to The Iconolog palette : 2 January, 2000

  added to The Iconolog palette : 12 October, 1999

  added to The Iconolog palette : 27 March, 1999

Palette History

The Netscape non-dithering palette was used as a basis for developing The Iconolog palette. The Windows & Macintosh icon palettes & the Aicons palette from Anthony's Icon Library were also major influences on the choice of color.

Netscape non dithering colors
[ Netscape non dithering colors ]

AIcons palette
[ AIcons palette ]

Macintosh Icon palette [16/32 colors]
[ Macintosh Icon palette ]
{see also} 256 Mac Palette

Windows Icon palette
[ Windows Icon palette ]
{see also} 256 Win default svga

{see also} Colors
{see also} file formats
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