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Icons quite commonly have a transparent background, this collection was tested using a light colored background. Background colors have not been set in display pages to facilitate testing an icon against an intended background.

Warning - beware of expansionism. An icon is invariably smaller than the block partitioned on a drive, but this block is the minimum amount of space that can be allocated to a file. Those cute little icons you just downloaded once de-archived will consume far more of your drive than the sum of their bytes.

Time & space make it impractical to include all variations on an icon although many examples can be found in The Iconolog Iconsets. It is quite simple to edit images to suit individual requirements, if you don't have a suitable editor, check a shareware site for your platform or the Graphics Resources

Linking to The Iconoweb

You are of course welcome to link to The Iconoweb, my thanks to all those who have done so. The images in this section can be used if you prefer graphic links & the URLs listed are constant & will insure that your link remains current

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